Bio - David Victor

San Francisco Bay Area native DAVID VICTOR is a digital marketing and SEO specialist, founder of a hospital live music charity, and performing musician.

David truly lived out a “Rock Star” movie dream, being plucked from a cover band into the namesake band whose music he was performing: the multi-platinum band BOSTON, with whom he appeared on two North American tours and had a #1 Classic Rock hit in 2014 with the song “Heaven On Earth”.

Like BOSTON’s founder, David also chose the path of getting his college degree first so that he could pursue his own musical dreams. Always fascinated by technology, David sated an early interest in electronics by pulling apart his uncle’s old shortwave radios.

David first picked up a guitar at the age of 16 after seeing his sister’s boyfriend strum the opening strains of “More Than a Feeling”. At age 18, David graduated from high school and began performing with several original hard rock and cover bands in northern California. 

A few abortive visits to the Los Angeles and Orange County area to “do music” convinced David that he needed to complete a solid education so that he could pursue musical dreams of his own choosing. His interest in techie subjects led him naturally to study computer science.

Following the completion of his BSCS, David set to work at a major database vendor, and with his earnings, financed, wrote, recorded and produced his first commercial release PROOF THROUGH THE NIGHT in 1991, a 10-song collection of original music.

David put together the original rock act VELOCITY in 1996 and recorded and produced the debut album IMPACT in 1997 which included drummer Pat Torpey (MR. BIG, ROBERT PLANT, THE KNACK) on drums.


VELOCITY performed throughout the U.S. IMPACT went on to sell briskly in the U.S. and over 5000 copies in Utah alone, where the album received regular airplay on rebellious rock station K-ROCK.


IMPACT sold worldwide with deals on Europe’s MTM Records and Japan’s AVEX records and continues to sell to this day.


VELOCITY also released the “ACTIVATOR” 5-song EP in 2001.


In 1999, David moved to Los Angeles and found many opportunities to perform live. In 2003, David founded his own web  consultancy, Boomcycle Digital Marketing, and used his talents to promote his music. LA bands included a BOSTON tribute band called SMOKIN’, as well as a high-level rock jam band that featured musical notables including Chuck Wright of QUIET RIOT, Jason Hook of FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH and Pat Torpey (RIP).


David’s path soon took a turn for the cinematic, following roughly in the footsteps of Mark Wahlberg’s character in the movie “ROCK STAR”.8


A 2008 YouTube video featuring David performing the BOSTON hit song “Smokin’” resulted in David joining BOSTON to record in 2010 and perform for their 2012 and 2014 North American tours. 

During BOSTON shows, David sang BOSTON hits including “Peace Of Mind”, “More Than A Feeling” and BOSTON’s other #1 single from 1986, “Amanda”.

David also appeared at BOSTON’s first show in over 20 years in the city of Boston, as the band opened the “Boston Strong” benefit for the Boston Marathon bombing victims.

David performed vocals on BOSTON’s #1 classic rock charting single “Heaven on Earth” from their 2014 album “Life, Love & Hope”.


David is busier than ever these days with Boomcycle, helping tribute bands to get bookings via, managing his new charity Harmony & Healing, as well as performing as lead vocalist and guitarist with several acts he founded.

David’s bands include “David Victor formerly of BOSTON” show, and SUPERGROUP SF (the greatest hits of the San Francisco Music Scene).

All David’s shows, as well as the other shows he books, can be found on the website.

David’s most heartfelt initiative is Harmony & Healing, a charity that brings acoustic music into hospitals and medical care facilities to help brighten the spirits and speed healing of patients and their families.

David currently resides in San Ramon, California.