Hello, I'm David Victor.

I am a digital marketing and SEO specialist, founder of a healthcare music charity, and lifelong musician, formerly of the multi-platinum band BOSTON.

Boomcycle Digital Marketing

Boomcycle Digital Marketing is my San Francisco Bay Area online marketing  and SEO agency. Since 2003, I’ve built websites for clients, and created systems to drive traffic to their businesses using strategic “intelligent” web design, organic search engine optimization, content marketing and paid ads on Google and Facebook.

In 2019, I founded the Harmony & Healing hospital live music charity. Initially, we visited hospitals, healthcare facilities, Ronald McDonald Houses, cancer support groups – anywhere there are people suffering with health concerns. Now we’re 100% Zoom live musical visits to bring solace, joy and healing.

Even remotely, music lowers stress levels, brings about positive associations, speeds healing and restores happiness to patient’s lives.



I have been a musician since I was 16 years old, and I’ve released five albums of original music, including 2019’s “Songs from the Heart“.

I am also a former member of the multi-platinum band BOSTON, did two North American tours and sang on a BOSTON single that went to #1 on the Classic Rock charts in 2014.

Today through ProTributeBands.com, I generate show leads for tribute bands and still perform in some of them as vocalist and guitarist. We focus primarily on classic rock and tribute shows.


If you’d like to inquire about Harmony & Healing or book a band through ProTributeBands.com, please click those links!

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